the old (second) vanity room

now that you have seen the master bedroom before and after,
you should know what this picture is of and what it will become. right?
if you are clueless...check out this post here.
okay, so this is obviously the "before" picture.
and just like all the other rooms i have shown you so far...the ugly carpet was removed here too.
but that wasn't all that was removed from the room, the vanity, wall accessories, door and lighting were removed as well.
the framing started going up to close this room off from the master bathroom
so that it could be turned into the new powder room.
and then the rough-ins for the new sink and toilet went in.
and then the oak floors.
finally! the opening to the master bathroom is officially closed off!
isn't mudding ugly?
right after we moved in, the toilet for this room was installed and then we had to wait.
waiting is no fun really.
the pedestal top i ordered was incorrect. ugh! i accidentally ordered a top for a 4" spread faucet, not an 8". it does matter peeps.
so we had to wait for the new top to arrive and then we finally had running water in this room...even though we had running water and a working toilet, this room was without lighitng for almost two weeks after we moved in. that kinda sucked...but luckily we had other bathrooms to use.
last week our light fixture was installed and so was the mirror.
a working powder room!
i chose to keep this bathroom all white on purpose. i really want to do either a graphic wallpaper or some fun paint application...but i didn't want to rush my decision and really wanted to be in the space before i decided. so for now, it's just a white bathroom or what i like to think of as a blank slate. :)
there you have it...our new powder room.
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