last stop on this tour...the breakfast room.

so here we are...the last before and after for the week.
our breakfast area.
located in the same room as the kitchen, right off of the dining room.
 some of these pictures i am going to show you,
 you might remember them from previous "update" posts before we moved in.
so feel free to quickly scroll past them.
as you can see from the picture above, there is a small space for a table, a weird closet with a random fridge sticking out of it and the brightest breakfast room light you've ever seen.
this closet that had the random fridge, it was the old washer/dryer closet.
{hi oliver!}
bad picture i know..it's my only shot of this room...but as you can see the white tiled floor was removed.
 shocked i know..considering it was removed in my previous post "the kitchen". ;)
we had the doors removed because we no longer wanted
the washer and dryer to be located in the kitchen.
they also removed the rough-ins too. it took a while for my contractor to understand that i did not want the door frame either that surrounded this closet.
the oak floors were laid.
i seriously can't get over how pretty this wood is unfinished.
and as you can see...that darn cased opening is still there.
floors stained. sa-weet.
ta-da! finally the door surround was removed and drywall patching began.
weird...used to be a washer/dryer closet..now it's an alcove.
if you go all the way back up to the first picture, you'll notice there was a chair rail that ran on only two walls, well we had that removed. it just didn't make sense to me. in the picture above, it just shows the patching of the walls where the chair rail used to be..that's all.
walls, ceiling and trim painted. old light fixture (that was like having a set of head lights on!)
...still hanging.
side note: one of the subs, his name was Walter (he became mine and b's favorite) and he was so super sweet. his crew painted the whole interior, hung drywall, installed the baseboard and did other odd jobs. well when we told him we were removing this light fixture (above), he kindly asked if he could have it. we said yes! we told him he could have any of the other light fixtures we were removing.
 he said he just wanted this one and left with a huge smile on his face. 
sweet guy.
this is after we moved in. as you can see..it's still an alcove. i have ideas for this space which i will share later. for now..it's a spot for our baskets and things that don't fit into the kitchen.
neat huh? ha!
this is the breakfast area currently. our new light fixture arrived and we bought a breakfast table for the space. i'm in love with the pop of color this brings to the room. we still need chairs, window treatments, art...and the list goes one but like i've been saying...it's so wonderful to have a blank slate to work with. now is the easy part..adding furniture and accessories (when you have the funds of course.)!
so there you have it. you've seen the whole first floor. we've added some window treatments to rooms, some new light fixtures, hung some art, bought some rugs..but there is still a ton of things to do. it's so nice to know that what's left is really easy.
i still have so much to share with you and will continue as we select new pieces for rooms, when i have ideas for spaces and much much more so hopefully you don't mind these types of posts. 
i'll share the upstairs with you next week. until then, i'll give you a little break because i am sure you are a burnt out from seeing all the before and after posts.
Happy Hump Day!
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