tater tot thursday

Let's change things up a bit here. instead of talking about the new house..let's talk about
something else.
how about our little "tater tot"!
(a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
 i just might have to have more tater tot Thursdays!) 
Oliver's 3rd birthday will be here soon and even though we've been so focused on the new house,
 i have managed to pull some ideas together for his party.
over the last couple weeks, i have been talking to Oliver about his birthday
and i've asked him what he wants at his party.
it's actually quite cute. he will say..."um...um...COOKIES!"
this boy loves him some cookies...but they better have chocolate in them otherwise...
they aren't a cookie!
and if i ask him..."should we...have...balloons (or bubbles, or ice cream..you get the point.)?"
 he will reply with "OOOOO....YEAH!"
so i started to brainstorm.
i want his party to be simple this year and more about the simple things he loves. 
no specific theme like trains or trucks or cars
(at least not this year, yeah..i know..i have a ton of future birthdays filled with these types of themes).
so this is what i've got so far:
-ice cream
-playing outside
as i was looking for ideas, i pulled these inspirational pictures to get me started.
- i adore simple invites like these balloon ones by lil bob art & design
- festive summer colors like reds, yellows and aquas (we'll see if i stick with these.)
dishes from west elm.
- maybe some adorable balloon cookies featured on amy atlas
- these balloon weights from sweet lulu are way too cute and would add some whimsy to the party!
- going off of the festive dishes from W.E., look at these colorful decorations
- adding "bubbles" to the decor and maybe a big number..idea from sweet lulu's blog 
so that's what i have so far. i'm still brain storming but i know i can't do it for too much longer.
only 8 more weekends.
then my tater tot will be a 3 year old.
please excuse me while i go stare at his baby pictures.
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