the big 13...

does anyone every say that about 13? probably not....
today, b and i celebrate 13 years being married.
everyone always said that life would pass you by in a blink of an eye
and i never took that saying for granted because it's true.
i feel like our wedding wasn't 13 years ago but maybe 3 or 4. i remember all the details of that day, the music, the people, the dancing (oh the fun we had!)
..and the emotions. 
i remember feeling ecstatic that day, to the point my dad told me to slow down when walking me down the isle. i probably would have ran if it weren't for dad.
i was in love with b, like over the moon in love with him.
 i remember thinking it was finally happening after 7 years of waiting.
i was finally going to be his.
so much has changed in these past 13 years...including my love for my husband.
 today, my love is deeper then i ever knew it could be possible.
really, it's hard to describe.
he's my everything.
i don't know what i did to deserve a person who couldn't be more perfect for me.  
i'm beyond blessed to have this special man.
thank you god.
thank you.
and Happy Anniversary my b, my love.
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