pop of color

last week i showed you our breakfast room and the yellow table we bought.
i thought it would be fun to share some ideas i have for that space before we go upstairs with the before and afters.
as you can see, we have a table but we need more then just a table to create a breakfast room right?
here's what i am thinking...
let's start in the upper left corner.
1. we need chairs for our table..no brainer right? at first we were thinking two chairs but since there are three of us, we think we will use the table more if there are enough chairs for all of us. 
finding the right chairs to go with this table has been a little tricky. honestly i would have selected the matching chairs that West Elm offered with this table if they were still in stock. unfortunately, they are sold out. so that means i had to brainstorm.
at first i was thinking these clear Ikea chairs would work with the table, luckily while we were still shopping at West Elm (same day we purchased the table), b noticed a scoop back chair in the store with a similar base as the Ikea chair. we moved it over to the display table and both shook our heads no. the metal finish of the legs did not look good with the table. they actually fought with each other so that idea was tossed.
 we brought the table home and i scored the internet looking for inexpensive chairs that didn't have a metal base. i found these white powder coated chairs from CB2. they are inexpensive and they are all white, no exposed metal finish. plus they are simple so hopefully they will not fight with the intricate table base.
2. our windows look out onto the deck so we don't really need window treatments that gives us total privacy. i have always loved the idea of cafe curtains but not the granny style ones. 
something that has a modern look like these.. i am thinking white but maybe with a simple pattern like the tea towels you see above. i have loved the look of this window hardware for a long time but our windows are wider then the maximum length they offer.
durn! so...i have to find a different source.
3. there is only one solid wall in the whole kitchen/breakfast area and it's pictured above. it's what divides the dining room from the kitchen. so this is my only area to display any artwork.
i want to add some colorful art to that wall that picks up or adds to the vibrant yellow of the table. we have the butterfly poster pictured above already and it looks great with the table. i purchased it at last year's Country Living Fair but of course..if have found some other pieces that i like/love...
like this one...and this one...and this...oh this one too.
so there you have it...that's what i'd like to add to the space. you might be wondering why i am not adding a rug..or you might not but for those that are..there is already a rug in the dining room and recently we added a rug in the kitchen so honestly...i am a little rugged out. i love our hardwood floors and i think the yellow looks amazing on it so we will keep this area rug free.
i'm excited about our little breakfast room
and i love the idea of this being a bright and cheerful space to wake up to.
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