the master...before & after

this is what the master bedroom looked like when we bought the house.
white walls, carpet and yellowed cover plates. 
the aspect about this room that we loved besides the 9' ceilings
was it had a nice size walk in closet and a full bath.
all. to. ourselves.
 side note #1: through out the whole first floor, the ceiling height is 9', we had 8' at our old house.
what a difference 12" makes! :)
the closet had a file cabinet turned on it's side..weird...and a pencil sharpener. double weird.
we did hear that the former owner was a school teacher...just not sure why she'd like to keep her pencils sharp in her bedroom.
so the configuration of the master bathroom went as follows:
here is a picture the vanity room off of the master bedroom. i think Oliver was checking out the toilet paper holder on the other side of the wall. ;)
this is looking from the vanity room to the tub/shower room.
here is the tub/shower room with decent white hex flooring and white square wall tiles.
we were happy that they were not blue or pink!
really, they just needed a good cleaning! 
and this is the vanity room off the main hall that connected to the tub/shower room.
 the problem with this configuration was that any guests/servicemen
we'd have over would have to use our master bathroom.
we didn't like that so much, not that we were not used to using the same bathroom as our guests (we only had one bathroom in our previous house) but this was our chance to finally have a private bathroom all to ourselves.
so we came up with a plan.
the carpet was removed from the bedroom, closet and vanity rooms.
then we had the contractor seal off the existing tub/shower entrance from the vanity room
 off the main hall. this vanity room would become our first ever powder room.
the oak floors were installed in the room, closet and vanity spaces.
and the opening to the hall vanity room was officially closed off.
 the master vanity received a minor make-over.
we had the cabinets painted the same color as the walls, white
 (i actually kept the whole master suite white so that in the future when we decide on what new furniture/accessories we'd like to have for this room, it will be easy to paint the walls if we so desire.)
back to the vanity...the countertop, sink and faucet were removed
as well as the mirror, lighting and very cheap wall accessories.
we replaced the cultured marble top with a honed black granite and gave it a shiny white Kohler Caxton undermount bowl for contrast.
this is what it looked like before we moved in. as you can see the floors were finished but not our bathroom. we were waiting on our sconces to come in and that meant the mirror was not hung either.
so the first week, we had to use a small mirror and a table lamp for light.
it was pretty rough. ;) 
but the new satin nickel faucet arrived right before we moved in so that was working!
side note #2: when we moved in, this was the only working faucet on the first floor
for almost a week! there were many reasons why...waiting on new kitchen faucet then waited on the plumber and needed a spare part...blah...blah..blah. water under the bridge now! :)
so there you have it...our master suite.
obviously, things have changed since these pictures but we are still working on all the rooms and we aren't quite ready to share progress pictures...just yet. maybe in a week or two.

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