the second bath

the upstairs bathroom is actually quite big. bigger then the master bathroom (s) combined.
the bathroom will mainly be used by Oliver and any guests that come to visit. 
i feel we got off lucky with our bathrooms being from the 1980's. i fully expected them to be full of floral wallpaper and ugly tile.
 since we were doing so much to the rest of the house, we (and our budget) decided to keep the bathrooms as they were with a few modifications.
knowing later down the road, we would gut each bathroom and design them to meet our needs and style.
the (old) commode.
before it was ripped out and replaced with a Kohler Memoirs Classic.
as you can see the vanity is pretty big. it's 5 1/2' long and gives us plenty of storage.
it has actually come in handy since we omitted the linen closet from the hall. 
we can store pretty much all our guest towels, toilet paper, cleanings supplies and Oliver's toiletries. any extra blankets and sheets are stored in the guest bedroom closet.
to give the bathroom a facelift, we had the light fixture, the mirror and all the old towel bars taken down.
we then had the walls, ceiling and vanity painted the same
BM White Dove that we used through out the house.  
i selected these sconces for Oliver's bathroom to help give the room a masculine feel.
they aren't typically used for bathrooms but i loved the design of them and the fact that they swivel!
 since the vanity was so long, i really did not want to use a rectangular mirror.
 i felt it would only draw more attention to the length of the vanity.
 so i ordered this 33" rustic round mirror from Ballard Designs.
the one item that had to be replaced was the toilet, as i mentioned above.
i don't know about you but there is something about buying a house that has been neglected and using the same toilet countless strangers have used before you.
this was a picture taken before we moved in.
 light and bright.
a close up of the light fixture.
disregard the mess you can see in the mirror, this picture was taken after we moved in.
for some of you that have been following my blog for a while, you will notice an item that i had in my previous house.
this shower curtain. it's actually new.
(we left the old one for the buyers of our old house since they loved it so much.)
i loved it so much that i decided we should use it again in Oliver's bathroom.
we also picked up this little stool months ago during a random visit to Home Goods.
we thought it would be good for Oliver when he starts to brush his teeth on his own.
so far, he uses it to sit on while we help him brush his teeth. :)
there are still things we'd like to do to the bathroom like hang art, get some more accessories and find a fun rug but for now it's like everything else...a clean slate to work with.
wanna see an idea i pinned for Oliver's future bathroom?
you know when the day comes we do remodel the room...
love the idea of a dark hex floor and a gray or marble subway tile.
two more upstairs rooms to go!
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