my style

do you feel like you know what your style is
or do you get overwhelmed by all the new styles and just throw up your hands?
there are times where i will see a fashion blog with a beautiful gal all done up in the most
current trend and i will think..
man..i am SO out of date!
i used to beat myself up about it, thinking i had to be like that.
so i started thinking about my own person style and what it truly was.
i created a board on pinterest called "for me" and began to pin things i loved to this board..
it wasn't until recently when i got into a rut that i reviewed my board and finally saw that
the things i was pinning were in deed...my style.
so what is it?
well it can be casual (and of course striped).
dressy but laid back.


but girlie.
 from time to time...sexy.
but definitely classic.
with of course some masculine touches.
it's me and it feels comfortable.
so...do you know what your style is?
by the way...these are just some of the pins i love...but
you can see my style board here with all my other pins and links to the sources.
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