yeah...i know Arden..that's how i feel about it too.
Friday started out great...as i told you here..but then it went south.
after nap on Friday, O decided he no longer enjoyed the potty chair or his new big boy undies.
so instead of pushing him, we decided to postpone the training until he's ready.
i think the next time we try, it will stick and he will be 100% ready.
he's so close, i just think he needs a little more time in his cozy diapers. ;)
b and i are still sick with head colds. we've been sick for a week.
we are both blowing our noses like trumpets luckily neither one of us has sore throats any more.
my sore throat lasted over 3 days. :(
i woke up on Saturday though with my head feeling like it was going to float away. 
don't you hate that feeling? gah.
i just didn't care to do much that day. honestly, i just wanted to sleep...but i didn't.
 i just laid low.
taken before we moved in.
on Sunday, again...we didn't do a whole lot. we did however manage to start clearing one of our side yards. luckily b had gone in before and sprayed weed killer on the area. it is a complete mess (thank you previous owner!)! we were doing okay until i spotted a snake. after killing a big brown spider (you know the mean kind...that could kill you....yeah....)before hand...the snake kind of did me in.
so i will be calling some companies this week to get quotes on clearing this "forest" of creatures we'd rather not have. it would be nice to just have some nice sod in this area...we will see.
on a good note..we ordered some things for O's 3rd birthday!!
i'm getting excited about his party.
 oh and i changed some things from his original party board i showed you earlier.
i'll have to put a new one together and share it soon!
i also got the invites and mailed them at the end of last week
so i think i am doing okay on the party prep.
again...share those with you soon!
hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!!
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