oh i love a button down in the fall with a good pair of jeans and some colorful flats.
that would be my favorite outfit for sure!
can you tell i am over summer already? ugh..this heat and humidity
 is just killing any summer spirits i had. 
so when i saw that J.Crew Factory was starting to stock fall items, i got a little excited.
you know what i love better then a button down?
 a popover shirt!
 to me it makes the shirt just a tad bit dressier. 
i love that you don't have to worry about the buttons all the way
at the bottom.
some times they can get a little awkward looking, ya know?
do i uh..tuck it in..or leave it out? 
these new popover shirts from J.Crew are just a couple items i wouldn't
mind adding to my wardrobe...
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