put a plant in it..

i was looking through one of my design magazines this weekend and found an online store
 that i had never heard of.
so i checked out their site and was instantly clicking on almost every item.
don't you love when you find a great site?
it was hard to contain my excitement...i wanted to put them all in my shopping cart.
i really want to change out my faux terra cotta pots with some ceramic ones that will help dress up my ugly brown and boring deck.
i love white pottery and the simplicity of it.
like look at these planters... 
chic right?
there are also a wide variety of small inexpensive bud vases like this textured one above.
this would be perfect for our master bathroom vanity.
and check out these adorable knit cozy containers...
how cute would these be in a kitchen window
 or a kids bathroom.
so are you ready for the site yet?
it's called
 (cute right?!) 
and it's based in two locations (lucky ducks),
 Chicago and New York..
 i should also say...lucky for us they have an online shop that offers more then just these amazing vessels...take a look at some of the other items they offer.
 this soap holder needs to come home with me!
there are so many birds at our new house that i think i would like to eventually have a bird feeder
and this one would be perfect.
it's a bit more modern which i really like.
these type of feeders seem to be harder to find at our local hardware stores. 
um...two of these please...one for my front and one for my back door.
seriously.love. this!
ok..enough reading..check out Sprout Home..
even if it's not for you...there are great gift ideas too!!

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