slowly putting it together....

i have hung one piece of artwork in our master suite..one.
i'll show you that one piece in this post..
after moving into the new house, i decided i did not like about 85% of our art from the old house. 
so it's going to take some time to build up our collection again...which i am ok about...but it also means a lot bare walls for now.

the master bathroom is coming along. 
this room is not even close to being done but i wanted to share with you what we have so far. 
the current palette is black and white with hints of wood and metal.

i am in love with our faucet. 
i am so happy we splurged a little 
and purchased this 
it's elegant without being fussy. 
i'm also in love with the finish i chose. at the previous house, we had polished chrome and even though it looked nice, i didn't care for the constant water spots. 

my little owl that b got me. i so love this little owl.
it's from pottery barn but they don't have it anymore.
feather print is from groundwork
we have a lot more counter space in our bathrooms then we did at the old house. 
which means i am in need of new accessories. 
the one thing we are lacking though is storage space.
 the vanity doesn't have much storage so i have to get a little creative with our toiletries. 
this isn't so creative since it's been done many times but i used some old canning jars 
to hold our cotton balls and q-tips.

 i am on the look out for a toothbrush holder that doesn't look like a toothbrush holder...
makes sense right? ha!
i really like this...

you may remember my original choice for our sconces here
turns out they were on back order until the beginning of July (we moved in the end of May). 
since this room doesn't have a window or overhead light, it made it very hard to use this space 
without any lighting, so i had to search for a new pair of sconces. 
this is what i found.
i was nervous they would be too small but i am actually really happy with them. 
i love the shape and i think they soften the room up quite a bit. 

can i just say, i love love love my shower curtain. 
it's from west elm but it looks like they don't have it on their site anymore. :(
after we moved in, we figured out what accessory bars we needed for each bath and 
honestly we didn't want to spend a fortune on them. 
so we ended up purchasing most of them from Target! 
Target was really the only place that i could find towel and toilet paper bars that i liked
 AND in the finish i needed. 

i got this print last year for a holiday...i hate that i can't remember who it was from...maybe b?! 
but i tucked it away knowing that we'd be moving to a new house this year and waited to find the right place for it. it's one of my favorite prints. 
i just love the colors so i decided to hang in it in our bathroom.

at first b didn't understand why i would hang it in the bathroom if i loved it so much. i explained to him that we use our bathroom every single day which means i get to enjoy it, every single day. :)

**side note: the artist of this print, Amber Alexander has amazing prints in her shop. i of course love my owl print but i also adore some of her other animal prints like this one...and this..and this!**

i got these shower curtain holders from Target (again..Target came through!).
 when i first purchased them, i wasn't sure which bathroom they were going to be used in but they were classy looking and they were on clearance so i knew i would find a home for them.   
after we moved in, i knew these would be perfect with our shower curtain.

**side note: you might have noticed that our vanity has no hardware on it. it's true..there are no knobs! 
i have been looking for just the right knob and i finally found it here
i really liked our curtain holder design so when i saw these knobs, i knew they would be perfect for our vanity. the great thing is, the shower curtain and vanity are in two different rooms so really they won't look "matchy matchy" when you enter the bathroom. 

oh i know you really wanted to see my new commode. 
do you remember me telling you that we had all new toilets put in before we moved in?
so glad we did! 

here is what it looked like before..
do you see the shutters above the toilet? we kept them for now but what i would like to do is take those down and put up a cotton roman shade like this.

i would also like to get a rug for in front of the vanity, some more accessories for the counter, a couple pieces of art for the walls and possibly paint some sort of stripe on the wall in either the vanity room or both bath rooms. i had an idea last night that maybe do stripes up one wall  that lead into a solid color on the ceiling or maybe continue the stripes on the ceiling. 
it would give the room a sort of canopy feeling. 
also maybe continue those stripes on the wall behind the owl print only. 
we will see. oh and so that you know what kind of stripes i am envisioning...
this picture is what got me thinking about stripes.  
i love that they look like my living room rug!

so there you have it...a small update on our master bathroom. 
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