friday foto

it's friday!!
this week has felt like three weeks combined.
seriously. i am beat!
i am so ready for the weekend! i have a lot of things to get done before next week.
i have my younger sister coming in on Tuesday and Oliver's party next Saturday so that means
preparations for his party and house guests need to be made and done by Monday.
i am excited though..really really excited to have my sister here next week.
 i am in need of some serious sister bonding time that will hopefully be a good mixture of deep conversations (good for the soul), new production introductions (we always swap beauty products) and some good belly laughs (again..good for the soul!).
as for my friday foto pick. this room is calling my name. i want that rug, the chairs, the stripe pillows and of course the striped throw! i can not wait to start getting accessories and art for our new house. soon, after a lot of the exterior work is done we will be able to slowly build up our interior decor. :)
hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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