weekend recap

Thursday afternoon, i spent a good hour or two putting together Oliver's photo album.
it's just a simple photo album that i got last year after his birthday party.
for his 2nd birthday, i hung a bunch of "Oliver" pictures from the ceiling as part of the party decorations. i kept those pictures and put them in this simple album.
well he's recently taken an interest in it and since it hasn't been updated since his last birthday (i know..mother of the year award!), i decided to print out pictures from last year up until now with the hopes of updating it on a monthly basis. we will see if that works out...but i will do my best!
i gave it to him on Friday morning and he was really excited.
at nap time, we went through the book and he was interested in every single picture.
asking "whats dat?" :)
he likes to look at all the pictures and study them and then let me know where they were from.
during nap time on Friday, i worked on a little party diy. 
we really aren't doing a whole big theme this year...but it's loosely based on a "milk & cookies" theme. so i created "milk" mustaches for the kiddos and some adults. i almost did a pink stache...can you guess what milk?
hint: it's a fruit
but decided two milk flavors were just fine.
when b got home, he surprised me with these flowers...
don't they look amazing with our breakfast table?
love me some fresh flowers!
thank you my sweet b!!
right after dinner, b had to check out a parking garage that had some unexplained damage.
so my man had to put his work (forensic engineer) hat on for a brief moment while we sat in the car.
afterwards, b treated us to some Greenes. O surprised us by asking for jelly beans in lieu of his all time favorite: CHOCOLATE. can you believe it?
it was fun to see him pick the sugary sweetness from his teeth each time he at a bean
 and then ask for more. :)
On Saturday, we went north to be with our good friends. the bad part. my phone died while driving up there. so no cute pictures. i will say, my little guy and his buddy A are too cute together and A's little brother could have stayed in my arms all.night.long!
he was pure sweetness!
we had good food, good drinks and lots of great laughs.
i also mastered the art of playing jenga.
yeah..where have i been? i had never played it.
so fun!
love our friends!
sunday, we woke up and b went to our favorite gluetin free shop to pick up some yummy muffins for us all. mmm...chia tea muffins!
b & o got the cars washed while i got ready for a client meeting.
as always, my meeting went really well. i have to say, i love my clients. they are so very sweet and honestly we could talk for hours. i actually was almost late to another appointment
because we were chatting so much!
so i have been working with them for six months now on their kitchen remodel and we are so close to the end. their kitchen looks amazing and we are trying to get the dining room squared away so that they can be finished. unfortunatly, they are dealing with a boob of a cabinet maker.
too many mistakes and takes way too long to complete something.
hense the 6 months.
i hope to take some pictures in the next month or so
to share with you all.
the transformation is amazing!
once i got back and O got up from his nap, we went for an early dinner.
i had smoked salmon risotto tossed with fried capers and topped 
with chopped dill.
oh my...it was delish!
my boy loves to do the splits. i think his overalls stopped him from going farther because i've seen him go a lot lower. it's amazing. never thought boys would do stuff like that.
something we've been noticing lately is how tall O is getting.
i fell like he grew in just one week.
is that possible?
i had to measure him just to see and sure enough he did.
he's now at 37". 
he is almost out of 18-24m clothes and wears a lot of 2t shirts now.
 those overalls are baby gap 18-24. luckily they have adjustable straps.
he wore them last summer and sadly they are almost too small on him.
just look at those legs....sigh...he's getting so big!
so that was our weekend.
it was a nice one!
tomorrow...my younger sister and her family will be here.
am i excited?
uh...heck ya! 
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