small house updates

you may remember from this post, our master bathroom had no knobs on the vanity but i had found ones that i liked.  
well i ordered them and they arrived just in time for my younger sister's visit.
i am very happy with how they look.
 this bathroom is very bland right now...and borderline boring. i need art, accessories and a graphic rug for the floor. also i know down the road..these white walls are going to get a coat of color.
all that would make this space a much more interesting bathroom.
oh look...i did find a toothbrush holder. it's kind of big but it really doesn't bother me.
we typically store our toothpaste with our toothbrushes so it works out.
i picked it up at our local Target. it's part of the Nate Berkus line.
during that same trip, i picked up this hand soap and man...this smells so
good. it makes me want to wash my hands all the time. i seriously am in love with this scent!
 if they made a perfume out of it..i'd be first in line.
love it.
Oliver's bath got a set of knobs too!
 they are super simple flat black knobs. 
i really love the style.
same thing goes with O's bathroom...he's in need of artwork, accessories and a rug.
i got this print last year from a local craft show and i just finally framed it this past week.
it's going to go in O's bathroom. i love this artist and wish i could get more of her work...but unfortunately her site doesn't have a link to a shop.
this is the stool that O sits on every day to brush his teeth...you can see him in action
just a little selfie...i've been thinking about cutting my hair AGAIN.
i know..it never stops does it?
i got it cut back in May (?) and it's already long again.
when my sister was here, she suggested i get it cut

this short again. this picture is from 3 years ago this October...i think there is a
pattern going on here..."cut hair off in fall..grow out for summer."

i am still thinking about it...maybe i will wait until October to make up my mind.
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