weekend recap

this is what you wear when it's raining out and you need to brush your teeth.
so how was the weekend?
wet. rainy. damp. chilly. gray.
i think that sums it up pretty nicely.
it was however a busy weekend.
on Saturday, i went to O's school to participate in a parent clean up where i hand washed 25 itty bitty wooden and plastic chairs along with a ton of plastic toys. the best part, meeting some other moms who were either in the same boat as me (newbie alert!) or pros at this preschool thing.
it was great having some time to just chat with other moms about nervous feelings and being reassured by the pro moms that our little ones would love school and we'd get used to it too.
while i was washing gobs of plastic, b and O were grocery shopping.
i got finished earlier then expected so i met my boys for lunch at home and
 then for the first time in a very long time...
b and i took a nap (Arden as well) when O took his.
it was glorious until we woke up and we both felt cranky.
don't you hate when that happens?
we high tailed it up to Marietta for dinner with our second family and stayed a little too late because we were having too much fun.
the next morning, b and i woke up around 7:30 and then fell back asleep until 8:35.
i think we both were really tired and luckily so was O.
"cheese" with a very bright flash.
we quickly got ready and headed to a 10:00 showing of the new movie Planes.
we had been telling O about this movie and showing him previews for about a month.
last week on his birthday, we finally told him that we were taking him to see
the movie in a real life movie theatre...
as if he understood what we were talking about.
we weren't sure how he'd do since this was his first movie theatre experience,
but he did remarkably well! the chairs were a little big for him and kept trying to swallow him. 
 luckily the theatre had booster seats for little ones and that helped keep the chair in an open position. 
the previews and quizzes seemed to last forever (ugh!) and our little guy was getting a little restless but as soon as the movie started...he was into it.
there were scenes where the main character gets hurt and this didn't sit well with O.
in his not so quiet voice, he would say "OH NO!!" and "DUSTY OK?".
other then that...he did squirm a bit towards the end but he did so much better
then we thought he'd do!
we got lunch and came home for nap time. after nap, we went to a new service our church is offering. it's called the gathering at 5:05. O hasn't been the best at lasting a whole service but one of our pastors recommended this service since it's a little more casual then the typical morning ones are.
we loved it and O did a pretty good job. he did grow restless but i think it was more because he sat in the movie theatre for so long before nap.
even though it was a busy weekend, i don't have a ton of pictures to share with you....
but i do have some from last week.
O got a bubble sprayer for his birthday and one afternoon, we opened it up.
he thought it was so fun to "bubble" the yard....
this kid cracks me up with his helmet on!!
and the fence...
he was REALLY getting into it.
so there you have it...
hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Happy Monday!
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