a beautiful reuse of a library....

Originally a public library, Jessica Helgerson Interior Design firm redesigned
 and renovated it to become a home.

This home had me at the kitchen but this wasn't the only "wow" factor of the house...
actually the whole house was jaw dropping.

 I am a sucker for well designed cabinetry and this house delivered. 

I especially love the simplistic black trim. 
this bathroom is amazing. 
the arched paneling and floor tile is stunning. 
something that was noted on JHID's website was the tv location. you can't see it right?
oh how jealous am i? well the tv is located in the built-in bench to the left...
"concealed under the living room bench, which is mounted on a lift mechanism and disappears into a pocket in the basement cabinets when not in use." 
is that not clever or what? 

I would say, this is one of my favorite homes thus far...there are some beautiful homes out there...
but this one tops the cake for me. 
you have to check out the rest of the pictures here
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