we met in high school during our sophomore year.
we started going out in the fall of our junior year.
we graduated high school and left for college with heavy hearts.
we got engaged on our Christmas day during our Senior year.
we graduated from different universities in the spring.
not knowing a single soul, we packed up all our things and moved to St. Louis, MO.
we lived together for the first time in a tiny one bedroom apartment on the 7th floor.
we adopted our first puppy, Noah.
we bought our first car, a champagne colored Blazer.
we moved to an amazing second apartment unfortunately ran by a slum landlord.
we got married at a bed & breakfast in front of all our family and friends!
we moved ourselves to a new apartment just blocks away using an alley.
we celebrated your graduation from grad school.
we moved to Atlanta, GA knowing in our hearts, it would be home.
we lived in a two bedroom apartment for one year. 
we bought our very first home, a fixer upper.
we adopted our second puppy, Arden.
we went on our very first vacation, Maui.
we became parents to a beautiful boy, Oliver.
we bought our second house.
it's hard to believe that it's been twenty years b.
these past twenty years have shaped us into what we are today
and I am so proud of us.
you are my rock, my best friend, my love.
you make me laugh like no one else can.
 you make me feel beautiful, confident and important.
you give me hugs that make me feel safe and at peace.
you are my heart, my life.
I am forever yours.
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