living room update -progress

I finally got around to taking new pictures of the living room.
remember how it looked before we shifted things around? 
if you missed it, you can see more here.

well here is how it looks now, with a little fall décor added...
I love how the cabinets look flanking the fireplace. I think now that we've balanced it out, I need to put a piece of art or something a little more grander above the fireplace rather then my driftwood mirror. 

of course one day, we'd like to have the mantel rebuilt to look more like this 
(minus the upper area)...
flourish design
a couple weeks ago, a client stopped by to show me some pieces of antique hardware she picked up for her cabinets. as we were talking and deciding on which ones she should use, i walked over to my cabinets with this one antique brass beehive knob similar to this one below...

as i  placed it on the cabinet.,we both stopped talking and looked at each other. it looked amazing 
and i knew then that i needed to add some handles to these cabinets. now that the cabinets are moved, i really want to put antique brass knobs on them and feel like these pieces stand out even more. 
eventually i would like to replace the gray arm chair with a swivel chair similar to this but in a bold pattern. 
this area is in need of a small drink table...pretty badly. 
speaking of tables, our coffee table is very old...like more then 10 years old. i haven't found a coffee table that i absolutely love but i do like a couple from West Elm...like this one or this one
i have been looking for a small drink table though because either way, swivel now or later...
this area needs a small table. 
i saw this one at Target the other day and even though it looked interesting and was the right size, i wasn't the biggest fan of the wood finish so i passed. 
i started looking online and found two that i am pretty interested in.
on the left is the metal accordion table that i think could be really cute next to the gray chair and future swivel. it's skinny so it could go between two chairs if we chose to have two swivels down the road. the only thing is it's on the tall side and right now with the gray chair, i am thinking the height might be too high. 
the dot inlay table on the right, is slightly rounder and shorter then the accordion table.
it also has a fun wooden top with brass dots which could be a nice break from all the brass. 
i like them both but could find something even better if i kept looking.

i know your dying to see the tv area...well it's not pretty..at...all...
but it's not on display like it was before.

before i talk about the tv table, the patches on the wall are from where the cabinets were anchored into the wall so that they wouldn't tip over. those will be sanded and touched up with paint soon.
okay, let's discuss...
this antique desk was great in the old house but here it just feels out of place.
 i would really like to invest in a Mid Century piece like this.
Emily Henderson does it again. Seriously, that lady is amazing.
this piece is actually one of her client's family heirlooms. nice huh? 
please excuse me as i wipe the drool from my face. after seeing this piece, i was hooked. i started looking online for one and found this one from our local craigslist..
awesome right? it was longer then the current desk we have and look at the detail!
ugh...it sold too quickly. 
this shop was in Florida...but it sold.  
sorry...this is sold too!
i found these two on Etsy but got serious and was like are you crazy D? 
can you imagine the shipping? 
so uh...these were no. 

i also think this "tv" wall could use some art but since we are lacking art right now, it will be awhile. 
so there you have it, our living room - in progress of course.

there are other things that i would like to do to this room like new pillows for the sofa and chairs, add a new (skinny) floor lamp near the sofa, possibly change out the area rug for a darker one, get some floor pillows for O and add some new accessories but for now, it's so much better then this..

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