weekend highlights

This weekend was packed. 
So last week i took on another project. I know..how many is that now? Well 3 with 3 more on their way...but that should be it for the end of this year...and should keep me pretty busy going into next year. 
I almost didn't take this last project. it is fast paced, like rough-ins were already placed last week.
the clients called me in a panic needing some guidance and i was actually reluctant to help them out. 
With each project that I take on, I give that project 100% my all. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do that with this project but with many e-mails and phone calls from the client, we determined that I would be to help them even if it meant slowing the process down just a hair. 
So this weekend was devoted to getting drawings on paper for them. 
Luckily, I did just that and was also able to squeeze in a small shopping trip to our local antique store.
After looking at quite a few items, we ended up bringing something home. 
This dresser! 
It's actually in really good condition. There are a few minor scratches on the bottom that I believe I can fix with a little "magic". The size worked out perfectly for our master bedroom. 
It is actually what I was envisioning for the space. Of course the lamp and art are not but they will work for now. 
I love the details of this dresser and was pretty siked that we found it. 
It was a great price and we even got 20% off which helped seal the deal. 
 The dresser looks more red in these pictures then what it is in person.
 It's a very pretty walnut finish. 
Right now, we don't have a rug in our bedroom but we plan on getting one
 and I know that will help tone down all the wood that's going on. 
Oh, did you notice my little snow globe in the pictures above? 
Last week, O and I were at Target and I really couldn't pass this little guy up. 
Isn't it cute? I love the shape of it and that it's not a typical globe sphere. 
We haven't officially decorated for Christmas...yet...but I figured since we will be decorating next weekend why not let it sit out now. 
Speaking of Christmas, while I was working, b and O went and picked out a new 
Christmas tree. 
b and I have been talking about getting a larger one for the new house pretty much since we moved in.
 We have always had artificial trees and the last time we purchased a new one was like 10 years ago. The lights have since burnt out on pretty much the whole tree, it's skinny because our old living room was very narrow and honestly it's seen enough Christmas mornings. 
We wanted one that was a bit fuller and possibly taller since our new living room is much wider and longer. We figured we would get an 8.5' tree since our ceilings are 9', but after doing some research online, I found out that they are pretty hard to come by. I honestly thought they would be a normal height but it turns out 7.5 and 9' are pretty standard. So we figured we would either have to do a 7.5' like our old tree or go to 9' and pray that it wouldn't look too tall. 
b ultimately decided that a fuller 7.5' tree would be the right fit and it was.
I'll share more pictures of it, once it's decorated....which I am very eager to get started on!!
We are also doing something a little different this year. We typically do a burlap tree skirt but this year I wanted to do something different. I showed b a picture one night similar to this and he said we don't have to buy that, we can make that very easily. That's my guy! 
So it looks like the stand is going to sit in the bucket when really it will sit on the ground and the bucket will be upside down over top of it to conceal the stand. I'll share a photo once it's done and I know you probably have seen this done in the past..but I'll share any way. 
Oh and I had to share this. It's a steam boat that my dad created recently. 
Pretty proud of my dad's craft. :)

As we were headed to a special birthday party this weekend, we drove under a bridge and this is what was on the wall. I love driving by it. It's a constant reminder for me...."never give up." 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?? 
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