filling the spaces

We have lived in our new house for 5 months now and i am seriously ready to start filling these blank walls with color and words! Of course we also need a number of other items like rugs, window treatments, furniture, lamps...and the list goes on. So with that list being so long, the need for art has not been the top priority. During the past 5 months, I have been, I guess you could say..window shopping. I created a folder on Etsy called "art", so that I could start compiling all the pieces that I love from there. I have an "art" folder on pinterest too for Etsy pieces as well as other online stores. 
I did this to help make it easier when the time came to purchase a few. 

As you can see from a few of my etsy selections (shown above), I kind of am all over the place with my taste in art. I do tend to gravitate towards pictures of nature, specifically the beach since both b and I grew up on the beach. I have a thing for typography and motivational words. Big fan of feathers and birds. Love to add some pops of color here and there. 

Now that I can order a few pieces, the hardest part is choosing which ones to order first. 
Ah...choices...I have a love/hate relationship with you my friend. 
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