holiday baking (and drinking)!

Have you put your list together of items you want to make this Christmas? 
Or do you make the same things every year and already know it by heart? 

b and I pretty much made the same things every year for the past couple years.
This year though, things had to change. 
Now that I have changed my diet to a gluten free one for health reasons, those traditional items we made needed to be revamped a bit. 
We also wanted to pick items that Oliver could help us with, 
since he's showing a little bit of interest in baking. 

We kind of have a list that has been narrowed down but it's not quite final, 
this is what we have as of right now. 

A festive drink either this homemade egg nog that sounds delish or this bourbon epice...or maybe both? ;)

turtle cookies that look too pretty to eat

and theses peanut better balls

Most are gluten free recipes except the turtle cookies, those are really for b. :)
 We do plan to make a batch of our annual white chocolate gourp
 (that may or may not be gluten free, depends on if I can find gluten free alternatives.)
 for my mother-in-law who loves it and will be visiting this Christmas. 

We plan to bake these items this weekend and yes, that means I will be taste testing! 
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