weekend recap..

A selfie taken while waiting in carpool for O. I am a little obsessed with curling my hair these days. I have naturally stick straight hair with not an ounce of wave or curl so when I bought a new curling iron and the curls lasted all. day. long (even through a very windy day of shopping!). 
I knew I was going to be curling my hair quite a bit more then usual (almost every day). 
makes this green for curls gal pretty happy. 

While waiting for b to come home on Friday night, O told me a story while dressing himself (notice one arm is through his shirt's neck hole. ha!) I love his imagination and his little voice.
His vocabulary is amazing, the number of words he knows just blows me away.
To think that at this time last year his sentences were just starting to develop.  
  Saturday morning, we did a little Christmas shopping and I picked up a necklace to wear for b's party that night. I moved all my jewelry to a larger drawer so that I could fit what I currently have but also make a little room for maybe a new necklace or two that I might receive from Santa B. ;)
We got all dolled up on Saturday night and went to dinner with b's co-workers to celebrate another successful year of engineering. We had our sweet neighbor watch over O while he slept. 
I decided to wear a dress I already owned to save on some money (but loved this dress.). I did however get a new necklace that I mentioned above and a new pair of heels. 
The dress I wore is from Gap which is no longer available but this one is super cute, the necklace is from Zara (here) and the heels that aren't shown were from Nine West. I was not happy with the heels!
As soon as we got to the restaurant, the friggin heel broke! Seriously!
 Luckily it didn't snap all the way off so I was able to walk in them but I was a little annoyed with them. 
Sunday morning, we slept in due to a late night (what??). My b is so sweet to me, he treated me to a breakfast all to myself. One gluten free egg and sausage biscuit with a steaming cup of Chai tea. It was so quiet...but really nice. Thanks b!
  Wearing my new necklace again on Sunday to meet with a client. 
I took a gift over to my "project big house" client.
* Most of the items picture above are from Crate and Barrel except for the linen towels, those are from a cute local shop called Urban Cottage.*
My client and her family have lived in the new house for a little less then a month so I was excited to see how she furnished it. The house looked amazing! We toyed around with art and some sconces and then chatted about her dining room chairs. I never got the opportunity to snap some pictures, but I am going back over there with b and O this weekend so hopefully I can snap a couple.
Sunday night, we met friends at the Atlantic Station. 
It was a bit chilly but very festive (and fun!).
Not sure what happened to some of the lights on the tree??
Our attempt to get a good picture of the kiddos by the tree. 
The mommas rode the train with the kiddos. 
As soon as the little ones sat down, it looked like Susan and I were the only ones riding in the tiny train cars! I am sure that was a funny site!  
 While we rode the train, Michael and b (and baby RJ) waited inside a restaurant. 
Trying to get warm after the very bumpy and windy train ride. ha! I love this girl!
Oh and yes, my feet were frozen by the end of the night. ;)
After we were all frozen but content, we all ran to our warm cars! 

We had a great weekend! Hope you all did too!! 

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