On Friday night, b had to work late so it was just O and I. 
I downloaded a new app to my phone and was playing around with it 
when I shot this picture that took me to the future. Well hello future five year old O! 
Man..I am one lucky momma to have such a handsome little boy. Love that smile!
Luckily I didn't stop snapping pictures because look at these..
..big o' chipmunk cheeks!! There's the little bit of baby left!!
Eeee...I just love those stinking cheeks!
On Saturday morning, we went out for breakfast at the General Muir and then drove around for a bit to look at houses. There was long yellow duplex on a big lot (in our new neighborhood) that we had looked at (online) while we were looking for our new house last year. It wasn't anything to write home about and we weren't thinking about buying it but it was interesting because it was on a really nice corner lot. From the online pictures, the duplex looked like it needed a lot of work 
so I was interested to see who would buy it. 
Well not long after we bought our house, a contractor bought the duplex, tore it down and built this beautiful new home. I am interested to see the interior and what they did...for $800+.
On Sunday, b had to work so I took O to the doughnut shop for his favorite, a chocolate cake donut. 
Then we went to Ikea to pick up some items for b's (new-ish) office. 
Let's step back for a minute...
right before Christmas, b got new carpet in his office at work.
So he asked me if I would help him put his office back together 
and set his furniture up a little differently then what he had originally.
he-he...shaggy little O!
 So after the first of the year, we went up to his office one Sunday afternoon and set it all back up for him. We took out a couple pieces of furniture that didn't make sense and added a new bookcase but I noticed he had a lot of bare walls. Which can be a bit depressing day after day, so I suggested he get a big piece of art for this wall below...this way we didn't have to spend a bunch of money filling it up with smaller pieces of art.
I researched online and found this bridge picture from Ikea 
that was 78" x 55" for only $129.00. 
You really can't beat that..and b liked it. So yesterday, as we were shopping, I picked it up for him. 
I am thinking that I might have to go up to his office this week to help him put it together and hang it. :) 

While we were in the art department, I noticed this print below.
 I don't typically find any pieces of art that I personally like at Ikea but this one (not shown online) caught my eye because of the colors. I am a little tired of black frames right now and I have a ton of art in white frames so I decided to get something different then the norm. I picked up a large aluminum frame (also not available online but this one is similar) and I really like how it turned out. 
We hung it in the upstairs hallway, a spot that desperately needed some art. 
I knew it would look good on the Gray Owl walls but I was hoping it would also
work well with the bench that my dad made me a couple years ago. 
Even though the bench was finished in a red stain, one that I 
would never have picked, I think the art works well with it. 
Hopefully in the future, I can restain the bench in a finish that is more us and move it to a different spot in the house because I've always envision a nice chest of drawers on this wall.  
For now though..it is nice to have more then a blank wall to look at.  
Oh and I grabbed two of these pillows for the sofa...which may end up in the guest bedroom one day.
We will see..

Happy Monday!!
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