what I made for dinner...

I had to share another dinner I made from scratch that has been added to our list of things to remake!

It's called Walnut Veggie Lettuce Wrap, 
actually it's called a much simpler name Taco Fiesta.

Now I know my picture is probably not making you drool but I promise it was sooo good!
It was so good that b wanted to have it for lunch the next day and I ended up 
sending the recipe to a few friends. 

I promise, it was so easy and there was no need for heating anything up 
which made it really quick to put together. 

You can find the recipe here and if you are interested in what other things I am going to try, check out my "let's eat" pinterest board.  

I will admit that this week was sort of a bomb when it came to making a dinner from scratch, but I am not going to beat myself up, I will just make sure I am prepared for next week. 

Have a great weekend!
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