So I had a post ready for last Friday that was supposed to go live in the morning, it wasn't until the end of Friday night that I realized, it never went live. Oh well. Friday was a super busy day for me and luckily b was able to work from home so I could get a bunch of things done. The first order of business was a meeting at a tile showroom/warehouse. I am in the middle of selecting finishes for the Highland project. Drywall is going up this month so that means I need to get my finishes in order and tile will be the first thing they'll need. 
I love picking out tile, it's like jewelry for interiors. 
I found a number of tiles that I want to use on this project, I just need to narrow them down 
so that they all make sense and of course stay on budget.

When I got home from the tile warehouse, I had lunch with my boys and before I knew it, it was time to leave for a doctor's appointment. One that I had been waiting two months for. I had scheduled an appointment with a local homeopathic doctor back in November. As most of my family and some friends know, I have been dealing with an auto immune disease that my family doctor and a specialist could not directly tell me which disease I had. After many nights of researching my symptoms, I made the decision to change my diet. Something that was very very hard for me. I removed gluten from my meals in hopes it would help my arthritic symptoms, swollen toes/fingers and achy body. I am not big on taking medication so this was really my only option and I have to say, after a couple weeks of no gluten, I felt great! I did not experience swollen toes or any arthritis feelings in any of my joints. 
The only problem is that I still don't know what is going on and why.

In the mean time, since we've moved into our new house, I have been experiencing other issues. 

+ Going to sleep but waking up three to five times a night 
(at first I brushed it off, new house = new sounds to get used to)

+ loosing hair...uh like lots of hair 
(oh the water is different or it's much more dry in the new house)

+ random weight gain (it has to be stress right?)

 it wasn't until I experienced pealing nails that the feeling of uh oh...this isn't good finally kicked in. My nails have always been strong with white tips and when I noticed the tips of my nails starting to peal and become brittle,
I knew I needed to find out what was going on. 

So I met with a homeopathic doctor on Friday and I was so happy that I did. I spent almost three hours with her. We went over everything. I felt like someone was actually listening to me and not just trying to give me a pill that would mask my symptoms. I learned so much about my intestines that I did not know and I thought I knew quite a bit considering I have had IBS for years. She was very easy to talk to, very informative and made sure that I understood what she was explaining.
To sum up my appointment, she feels my "gut" needs to be healed. Meaning, I might have had a bacteria of some sort for years that has been causing all my discomfort and ultimately causing me to test positive for an auto immune disease. She is very confident that she will be able to see more once my labs come back but in the mean time, she has given me supplements, no medication, to take while we wait for my blood work to come back.
I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have a new outlook on my health. 
I feel very confident that this new "path" will help me get my body back in order and healthier 
then it's ever been. 
I plan to share more once I have been on the supplements a bit longer and tell you 
 what else she has "prescribed". I would like to give it some time before I do tell you so that I can also give you my thoughts on each item. 

On a less medical/serious note...my weekend was pretty jam packed. 
Saturday, Oliver got his hair cut, I had a client meeting to review architectural elevations and later that night, I went out to dinner with some friends. It was a great time, lots of laughs and silly girl talk! Love!

Once Sunday arrived, it was all about relaxing. 
I felt like I had been on the run and was feeling a little worn out, physically and mentally. 

How was your weekend? 

Before I go..take a look at my little man and how dashing he looks with his new hair cut!

Oh wait! Before I show you the new "do"...check out his hair before...
I loved his little shaggy head, but there were days that it looked more like "momma didn't fix my hair" then trendy hipster kiddo. So it had to go. 
The new hair cut is super cut and similar to what he gets normally but 
this picture makes it look like such a serious "do".  ;) 
Trust me, he was very happy because he got a sucker but not so much that momma was taking his picture. 
Oh there you go...a fake smile but I'll take it! 

Happy Monday!!
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