project #1 for 2014

Our breakfast area...yup it's nothing special just a cheerful little table and three white (very durable for messy boys) chairs. 

I've talked about this area before but honestly other things more important trumped this tiny part of our house. This year, I decided this sad little section that we use 3x's a day needed a little attention. 

Last year, I bought a large calender from Anthropologie with the intentions of framing some months after the year was over. Now that 2013 is over, I can finally look into framing some portions of the calender
 and hang them in the new house. 

The idea I have is to frame six of my favorites in a series and hang them behind the table.
I love a good series, don't you? 
 It really makes a statement and it's a great alternative to doing a large piece of artwork which is something I had thought of before. 
Here are some examples of series that I really love..

 a. b. c. d. 

So I took apart my calender and selected which months I would like to use. 
I ended up with these 6 that I feel go really well with one another. I know what you are thinking, it was a calender, of course they go together. Well yes and no. They all go together because of the subject of the calender but there were some months that had only a few insects showing where as these six have "groupings"...get where I am going with this? hopefully..if not you'll see when I hang them. :)
 I love the pops of color in each one and I know they will look great against our Gray Owl walls. 

So the next step is to pick out some frames for them. 
I am thinking since it's our breakfast room and I want to keep it bright and cheerful, I will go with 
white and white mats. 

I hope to get the frames this week so maybe by next week I can show you how they look hung up. 
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