another week...

Another great weekend comes to an end. 
Saturday morning, we took a trip to Ikea to pick up some furniture for my much needed studio. 
Oliver was on board as long as he could get a hot dog afterwards. :)
We haven't been to Ikea in quite a while so we took our time looking around. I ended up getting this desk with the natural legs and polished white top. I love it. I want my studio space to feel refreshing and bright. 
I also picked up this in white for all my client drawings, samples and files. I'm a sucker for organization! I did finally order myself a nice new drafting board last week. I've been using the dining room table for the past couple months because it's a smooth surface and it allows me to spread out, but it's not the best place to have all my client files and drawings.  There are a few more things that I need but they are not urgent so we can hold off on getting them for now. It's so nice to see this space coming together. Hopefully this week I can snap a picture or two. 
Saturday afternoon, I had my third acupuncture appointment. I have one more to go to this month and then we decide what my next treatment plan will be. I really enjoy these appointments, they are like little spa treatments. I feel so great afterwards. I really need to write a post about my treatment plan...soon! 
Saturday night, we were able to go on an unexpected dinner date. Our sweet neighbor offered to come over after O went to bed so that we could walk up to the square for dinner. We haven't gone on a little date in quite a while so we really didn't think twice about it. We ended up going to Parker's which was nice, we've never been in all the years we've lived here. We ordered drinks and realized after a quick google search that I could not have either of them because they had some sort of gluten in them. boo. So poor b had to drink them both. :) After dinner, we stopped at Java Monkey for some hot chocolate (yum!) and also picked up a slice of chocolate peanut butter moose for our neighbor as a thank you. 
Sunday was cloudy and wet. blah. 
That morning we drove to b's co-worker's house for a play date and an informal meeting. They are buying a beautiful new home here in town and have asked me to help them with their furnishings. It's going to be such a fun project! We are also excited that they are moving closer so that we can have more future play dates! 

and because it's St. Patty's Day, I thought I should leave you with something green... 
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