Sedona - part 2

We started Saturday off with a trip to an old copper mining town called Jerome. Our tour guide suggested that we go there. She said that it was a really quaint town with cute shops and lots of history. Kris and I got our morning drinks (coffee for Kris/chia for me) and drove the short but pretty drive up to the small town. The day was cloudy but after about a half an hour, it started to pour so it was the perfect time to head back to Sedona. Once we got back, we drove to a beautiful shopping center lined with white sycamore trees called Tlaquepaque. The rain started to let up and the sun was trying so hard to break through the clouds. The place was beautifully designed. We had fun taking pictures and of course 
enjoyed walking through all the little shops. 
Before we left, Kris and I bought special items for her third and final Korea trip (that is expected to take place, fingers crossed, early next year). She and her husband will be bringing home their beautiful baby girl, the final member of their (almost all boy) family. :)
We were walking by a store that had this gate with a ton of engraved locks on it. Immediately it reminded me of the Locks of Love in Korea. Kris loved the idea of getting a lock engraved so that she could take it to Korea next year. A lot of adoptive families like to get a pad lock and write their names and a date on it and then leave it on one of the Locks of Love areas when they visit Korea. Kris has been to Korea twice to bring home both of her sons but had never left a lock behind. We both felt this final trip would be the perfect time to leave a lock behind. A symbol of sorts, her family will finally be complete! :) 
As she was engraving her lock, she asked if I wanted to do one too and she offered to take it to Korea with her. I immediately said yes and bought my own lock. I engraved it myself with my families information.
 I love knowing that this special locket, a symbol of my family will be in Korea forever. 
The next day, we got up super early excited to catch the sun rise but unfortunately it was still raining. We never got to see a sunset or a sunrise while we were there...next time though!
We had to drive back to Phoenix pretty early so I could catch my flight home. 
I was sad to say goodbye to this beautiful city and my friend but was eager to get home to my boys! 
I arrived in Atlanta around 4:30ish and pretty much ran to baggage claim to meet up with b and Oliver. 
When we arrived home, this was waiting for me in the driveway...I had turned a year older while I was away on my trip. 
I got settled in and b cooked us a yummy dinner.
After dinner, we celebrated with some gluten free cupcakes and raspberry cheesecake.
I offered the cupcakes to b and my cupcake lover...
and I ate some of the raspberry cheesecake which so good! 

It was the perfect first trip away from my boys. I loved spending time with my friend, Kris. She's like a sister to me and so very special. We made a pack that we would try our hardest to meet up every two years since we live on opposite sides of the US. After all, it's kind of a tradition now. I look forward to 2016! 

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