We had our first parent teacher conference last week. 
O is doing so well in school!
His teachers love him and said he's so sweet. 
He has great manners, he's bright, plays well with all the kids, he's outgoing, energetic, 
loves to color and put puzzles together. Oh and he's a great story teller, good imagination. 

I dropped some items off at Kings Home Furnishings last week to get framed (so excited!)
and had to stop when I saw these. I have always loved pencil drawings, especially buildings. 
I have been thinking about these ever since, picturing them in our dining room. 
They would look soooo good. 

We went to Dunwoody to shop this weekend and stopped by PF Changs for dinner. 
Did you know they have their own Gluten Free menu? 

Is he's a lefty...

or a Righty? Maybe both? 

We picked up four of these gold knobs from Anthro, they aren't on their website, sorry!

They add a little flair to our white cabinets. 

and..this kiddo loves some "wa-zurt!" 
aka: dessert. 

Happy Monday!!
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