something new..

Last week, I stopped by the mall to pick up some shoes for O. 
While we were there, I remembered that a Sprinkles shop had just opened. 
I've been a fan of the show, Cupcake Wars and have been hearing about Sprinkle's cupcakes for so long that I thought why not, let's give them a try.  
The store was set up really simple which was nice and the choices were limited which honestly made it easy to pick which ones to take home. I didn't take any photos of the interior but the dining area 
was colorful and really cheery.  
When selecting we were told that we had a choice of the famous "dot" or a cupcake with sprinkles.
O wasn't impressed with the dot, he wanted to get the ones with the sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles of course, so that is what we did.  
He got a chocolate one and we selected a double chocolate one for b. 
It wasn't hard for me to pick, I had one choice, a gluten free red velvet. 
Honestly, it's not really my favorite flavor, but it was nice to have a cupcake that I could get.
I liked how the cupcakes were packaged all secure in their kraft colored box, didn't have to worry about them tipping over in the car. Once we got home, O and I cut our cupcakes in half and tried them.
We were both pretty excited about our treat. O pretty much scarfed his down and I took my time. 
They were good and gone fairly quick. We ate the other halves after dinner. Yum!
It's fun to try something new and we will probably go back for more in the future. :)
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