artwork that means something

I'm slowly working on putting together my studio and getting things organized so that I can work more efficiently in the space. There's a lot I want to do to it but for now it's nice to have a desk and drawers to store files and finish samples. 
The other day, I started to clean out the drawers of a dresser that's in the room and found a piece of art that I have had for quite a long time. I've never actually hung it on a wall because it didn't really work in my last house. The piece of art is very special to me because it was painted by my grandma. 
I remember when I was little, she would paint all the time. She's a very crafty lady, not only did she paint but she used to make her own necklaces, created tons of pottery pieces (which I am very thankful that I own a few), would sew clothes, bake the best apple pies and I'm sure there were other things she did that I don't remember. I do remember looking at her paintings a lot though while I was a kid, she really loved to paint beaches, flowers, barns and winter scenes. I'm not sure where all her paintings went because she lives in a small apartment now but I'm sure there is a sprinkling of them through out the family. A few years back, my sisters were up north visiting and my dad gave them a bunch of my grandma's artwork that he had.
 Luckily, they grabbed this one for me. 

At the time, I was happy to have the painting but really didn't try to make it work in my old house. My grandma is 96 years old now and even though she's as "sharp as a whip", I know she won't be around forever. To have something that she created in my studio makes the space that much more meaningful and special to me. 
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