*for baby*

{i'm all about finding unique accessories for the baby's room. of course making sure i find ones for each gender...i love this vintage inspired calender. this would be so fun to hang in little c's room and then when the time comes to take it down...just roll it up and put it in their memory box.}

{i'm a sucker for pretty colors and hand drawings...having little c's name painted and then framed would be a perfect addition to the room. this one above is so adorable with all the beautiful spring colors...it could easily transition from baby's room to child's room. i love that.}

{i'd like to get just a few items that i can add to a shelf or dresser that will add a little whymsy
like this paper tree.} 
{sorry not the best picture...it's the only one i could find...quickly}

{something that i'm eager and excited to do is put together the bird "mobile" that my dad and i created. it's a mobile that really isn't a mobile...if that makes sense. i created the idea and then pitched it to my dad several years ago when my older sister was bringing home my niece from russia. he cut pieces of wood in the shapes i described and then shipped them to me for assembly and finishes. we presented it to my older sister and it was a hit not only with her but my niece, Victoria. then when my younger sister was pregnant. i had my dad do the same thing for her. when we helped her put Shiloh's nursery together, we added the bird "mobile" as the finishing touch. now that it's our turn to set up a baby's room...my dad sent me pieces for our own mobile and it's waiting in little c' closet...ready to be painted and assembled.}
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