*bought this...*

{b and i went to the bookstore over the weekend and as he was looking at music..i wandered over to the craft section....my favorite spot..for the obvious reasons...but it usually is by the interior design section as well...double the fun! well i was hoping to find a book or a couple of books giving me ideas on how to use up my scrap fabric...i have a ton of it. i don't want to throw the pieces away because 99% of them are big enough to use for something...but i just could not figure out what that something was...until i found this book. i'm excited to try some of the ideas in this book but also it's given me inspiration on some ideas of my own...hopefully this week or weekend i'll be able to experiment. here are some others that i liked...}


{wow...that's a lot of books i liked...good thing i only got one to start with...oh and i also need to
start on this too!!}
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