*over the weekend...*

{we had a great weekend! our friends came to visit with their two girls...on their way down to their vacation destination. we love hanging out with our friends and their girls..they are like nieces to us. they were here for a short period of time but we managed to pack quite a few activities in the time they were here. we took them to Greene's to get gummy butterflies...yummy gummies! then on to the Beehive to see the new store...had some food to fill our tummies..and tried to get into the movie theatre to see Toy Story 3...but it was sold out. off we went to the toy store where my sweet pal (above) and i were laughing about her loose tooth...love this picture! she is such a hoot!}

{after the store, we came home and hung out a little. the girls went to bed which meant the adults could watch a movie...the movie turned out to be a really cute movie...stayed up a little too late but got to sleep in a little. our friends had requested we go to Ikea so they could purchase some items. while we were there...i was able to pick up some frames to finally give these and this a home...we got some grub and i managed to snag a picture of the girls in their Father's Day t-shirts before they left...speaking of...
after our friends were on their way...}

{i called my dad and wished him a very Happy Father's Day...it stinks that we don't live in the same state...i would have loved to take him to brunch...but i was able to give him his Father's Day gift while we were all
on vacation together. I love you Pop! see you next month!}

{p.s....you might notice things have changed around here...hopefully for the better. i was a little bored with my blog and felt i needed a little bit of a change! enjoy and Happy Monday!}
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