*adoption udpate*

{so today...which turns out to be kind of perfect since it's "for baby" day...is our one year homestudy update. i personally don't really see why it's needed since nothing has changed for us since our last homestudy...we haven't moved...we haven't changed the house (drastically...just a little painting.), jobs are the same, our health is still good...life is basically the same since last year...but it's Georgia law...so we have to have it done. so today, our adoption specialist will be coming over to our house and speaking to us about any changes...create some new paperwork and update our homestudy. we have some questions for her that hopefully she'll have answers to. i do know that there are still three families before us and i'm pretty sure none of them have received a referral since april when we found out they were in front of us...so hopefully we'll feel pretty good after the meeting...or just feel the same "nothing has changed" feeling...i'll let you know tomorrow!}

{these adorable booties...here}
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