*for baby*

{so do you remember me mentioning last week that b was lucky? well there were some really wonderful gifts being raffled off at the Beehive Baby Shower last thursday...little did i know that my husband had entered to win one of these gifts. it had never occurred to me that he should or could enter. i guess i just figured since i was a designer there that we shouldn't enter....but b got the go ahead from one of the owners so he put his name in the drawing. the very first raffle...b's name gets called! it was too funny because he was excited he won one of the gifts and it was completely unexpected because i had no idea he had entered...
what did he win? this really awesome gift!}

{a picnic/shopping/storage basket filled with a bunch of organic goodies!! there was a book directed around getting your baby to sleep, tips for new parents...bath salts...toys...bibs...}

{..and these two very yummy smelling products for baby...aren't the graphics uber cute? 
it's funny because there are a lot of times were i don't feel we are apart of the "expecting" parents group...i guess it's easy to forget when you are in the waiting period...but it does feel so nice to be reminded!}
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