*cake first...please.}

{i've been admiring children's birthday cakes for quite a while...thinking that one day when our little one comes home...we'll be preparing for their 1st birthday party. so i thought i'd share the ones that i've been saving and some that i've found recently...this one above is one i found not too long ago..
it's too cute with the truck full of threes!}

{i've had this one for awhile now..i love all the stars coming off this cake...if i had this cake when i was a wee one...i'd be the happiest kid alive!}

{these are just pieces of art...well really they are edible..but the bear cake is amazing with all the details..both by crazy cakes.}

{okay..i've had this site bookmarked for a long time now. i just adore cake girl's work. i've featured her before on our previous blog...i believe she is in korea. her work is like nothing i've ever seen! i had to put this adorable little pororo cake in this post...for some of my blog friends...most of you know who this is but for those who don't...pororo is a very popular korean cartoon character...he's adorable and every where!} 

{another from cake girl...the softness and colors of this cake are so precious for a princess! i have a niece who would squeal over this cake!oh and in case you didn't notice...but look how the name lisabeth looks like it's been stitched? it's all in the details! i just love looking at cakes!}
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