*shopping for a good cause*

{b and i went to the mall this weekend to return some shirts that he had bought for me as gifts...i was sorry to say that they were too small for me to wear...he was so sweet to get them for me! instead of exchanging them for a larger size, i decided to get two necklaces...something that i've been really wanting to get. so it worked out perfectly. i tried finding them on the store's website to show you...but they don't have them listed so i'll have to take a picture of them later. while we were at the mall, we took advantage of gap's 30% off give and get program...every heard of it? it's something we do twice a year. it's such a great offer and really an instinctive to buy because not only do you get 30% off your entire purchase (sale items included) but the best part is that gap donates 5% of the amount you spend to our choice of non-profit organization.
we chose wwf to receive our 5%. yay!} 

{since we do this only twice a year, we do kind of stock up on items that we need or want. b was funny because while we were shopping he joked that we were doing our back to school shopping...it did kind of feel like that. one of the items that i got was this super soft black vest (above)...
i'm very excited to mix this into my wardrobe this fall!}

{i also got these two long sleeve...super soft tees...okay...so if you don't know by now...i have kind of an obsession with stripes..i really do. i go crazy over them. hence getting two of the same shirts in
different color ways...as well as....}

{these two striped cardigans from old navy...oh yeah...the program applied to all gap stores..old navy included.}

{don't worry...i didn't just get striped tops...i also got a pair of silver moccasins that are super cute...a blue cotton scarf...two white shirts (one short sleeve...the other long) and an awesome new purse! all that are not online...so i'll take pictures of these as well...have you done any fall shopping yet?}
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