*the big event*

{so i haven't said much about the "event" that happened this past weekend because i know that some times my friend reads my blog...so i didn't want to give any details away. sorry to keep you in suspense as to what the event was...but now that it's over..i can finally say..it was a baby shower for our friends matt and jenn. a friend of jenn's, jess and i co-hosted it this past sunday at a place in smyrna called aunt fanny's cabin...i know the name makes you chuckle. jess found it after looking at so many other places and it turned out so perfectly...it was cute, quaint and super bright on the inside!}


{the shower theme started out to be a mostly "book" theme...but after the invites were created, the theme became more of  an owl and color theme. the mom to be requested that it not be doused with pink since they found out they were having a baby girl...so we decided to go with blues, greens and yellows and tossed in a couple book-ish decorations...}

{jess and i had originally decided that i was going to make these paper wreaths for center pieces. they were going to be made from pages of old children's books. well as you know by now..that didn't work out. you might recognize the owls in this picture from that post. after working on the first plan and finally calling it quits...i came up with plan b. this is what you see above...i plan on telling you more in detail how i made these in a later post...but for now..it was super simple, fun to do and i loved how they turned out looking like flowers. i also made a bunch of circle streamers (pictured above) that i thought we would hang from the ceiling but time was not on our side...so i laid them across the serving tables...}

{we had a utensil table (pictured in previous photo) and a food table that we draped with a green table cloth. we wanted to keep it clean and fresh..so we mostly used white serving dishes. in the middle of the table was the cupcake stand that showed off the delicious cupcakes from carolyn's cupcakes and then it was flanked by these two beautiful glass beverage dispensers (only one shown) that i borrowed from my boss and my friend, alyssa. alyssa is the one who told me to add strawberries, cucumbers and mint to the water. i'm so glad she told me to do this because it was not only very yummy..it was such a hit!}

{the yummy cupcakes were all different flavors so that each guests could have a favorite. they were topped with cupcake toppers showcasing the owls that were used on the invite. these were super easy to make and actually a lot of fun.}

{each dining table had a white table cloth (plastic of course...easy clean up is the best!) topped off with the centerpieces i was just telling you about above. the centerpieces varied between "baby" and "girl" and then some of my old vintage blocks were scattered around the centerpieces.}

{i made some easy letter banners that you might recognize from past birthday celebrations. i really was disappointed because i didn't really anticipate the tape not holding up the paper and them slouching so much. oh well. something to keep in mind for next time. i did like what they said though..
the gift table said "spoil me" and the food table said "feed me".}

{the expectant mom and dad...}

{we came up with the idea of advice cards that jenn and matt could take home and have for future reading. jess (the other co-host) created these library cards (part of the book theme) and she also created these cute bookmarks. the cards were written on by guests and then placed back in the cute little wooden box for the parents to take home. the bookmarks were party favors for the guests to take home...}

{even though we didn't have a whole lot of time to set up...around 45 minutes..i was happy with how it turned out and the best part was matt and jenn were really happy with it all...plus they made out with some really wonderful gifts...}

{but we couldn't have done it without him. i snapped this picture of b while we were waiting for the lady to open up the cabin for us. i have to just say...my b is the best! i'm not being biased...he really is. as my dad always says to me.."he's a keeper".  he his! b was amazing. he not only helped me with the "plan a" centerpieces two weekends ago, but he helped me put together all of the centerpiece pieces that went along with "plan b". then on the big day, he ran around and did errands for me while i finished making some of the food for the shower. he picked up ice, cupcakes, more pasta and even brought me home a nice big  cold starbucks drink! he helped me load the car, unload the car and then reload the car after the shower. he was our busy bee during the set up of the shower and while our friends where opening their gifts, he was in the back cleaning up and putting things away. he was a HUGE part of the shower and i know if we didn't have him to help us on sunday...we would have been able to get the shower all decorated and put together on time. thank you for everything b!! you're the best! xoxo!}
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