*my past life*

{as you might recall, i mentioned in my versatile blogger post that i used to design kitchens that were over a quater million dollars.  well some of you asked to see those kitchens.
seven years ago, i used to design high-end kitchens, baths, entertainment rooms and more. before we moved to atlanta, we used to live in st. louis and i worked for a company called brooksBerry & associates. they were known in st. louis for their custom design work. i was apart of that team for 4 years. i learned a lot working at brooksBerry. i loved the work but the best parts about it all was working with the clients one on one and being able to hand draw all my drawings...no autocad! these images are just a sample of the rooms that i designed. this room above was for a whole house project that i worked on right before i left. this was a powder room that i created the custom vanity for.}

{another project i designed was this kitchen/dining area. the kitchen was done in a walnut wood that was really popular at the time. the two custom storage pieces to the right were created in one of my favorite woods at the time, alder. these two pieces were my ultimate favorites. they were both completely customized for the client's needs and were made to look as if she had picked them at an antiques show.}
{a different view of the two "antique" pieces.}
{something that i was not typically known for at the time, was contemporary design. there was another designer at the firm that specialized in contemporary work. i was known more for my traditional designs...which i loved. at the time, the clients that i was working with wanted their living quarters to be traditional and their lower level to have a different feel...something more contemporary. this was to be a space that was going to be used for casual entertaining...football games, cards, pool etc. so a semi-floating glass bar was created with custom glass cabinets and floating glass shelves. the box above the bar area was created to house the projector for the extremely large tv screen, which you can not see...}

{so there you go...this is something that i used to do..a long time ago. it's funny i look back at these pictures and can remember all the details that went into each of them and all the other projects not shown.
it was a really creative and rewarding part of my design career.}

{images via brooksBerry}
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