{we did some christmas shopping online in addition to using our typical local stores...one of the shops that we purchased from was pajama squid. a shop that i would highly recommend when looking for unique gifts for little ones. we got a couple items for nieces/nephews and then we decided to get a couple for little c. b and i had picked out two actually but i received a really nice e-mail from p.s. saying that there was a defect (eye missing) and they would not be shipping the second item due to it being the last one. so we ended up getting one item...this adorable aardvark. his name is cordy roy and he is one of the many creations that jellycat offers. i wasn't sure how we'd like him once we got him home because when you think of a stuffed animal...you don't tend to think of an aardvark do you? well once we saw him...he was perfect...soft, cuddly and adorable. he also looks pretty snazzy in a plum tree scarf!}
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