{so a month or two ago..you might recall...we sold our guest bed. which meant that gave us the go to start getting the "bones" ready for little c's room. after moving the bed out of the room and seeing all the baby items that we've been given or have been accumulating...we thought we should put the crib up. so that is what b and i did. as soon as it was up..it went down.  we realized seeing all the items like the car seats, the crib, the changing pad...books...all of these items had made it so incredibly hard on us to deal with the long wait. so we boxed it all up. most of it went into the closet and some of it went to the attic. it was all so we didn't have to see it each and every day and be reminded of the difficult process. have you ever heard of the phrase..out of sight..out of mind..well that isn't fully the case for us...but it has helped. the only thing you see that screams baby is the crib...like i said..it was taken down as soon as it was put up. it's in the corner stacked all nice and neat. b and i both agree that when we do finally get our referral (going on 18 months the day after Christmas)..that is when all the items will come back out and the "bones" will be worked on. until then..i'm still looking for inspirations for little c's room. i know by the time he or she's picture arrives in our e-mail inbox...we will have plenty to inspire us.}

{i hate to admit it...bit i don't remember where i found this...so sorry!! if someone has seen this..please let me know so i can give it it's proper link. thanks!!}
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