*tote my toys*

{this week, i created the perfect sized drawstring tote for "toting" toys in the car or to a play date. i was inspired to make this handy bag when i noticed that my two year old niece was using a small pink purse to store all her car only toys. in her purse she keeps little trinkets like plastic animals, finger puppets, sunglasses and her two "cell phones". the purse works, it stores her toys but really how can you compare a boring pink purse to this super cute hedgehog tote?}

{it's big enough to store approximetly 2 board books, a deck of brainy flash cards, 2 sets of plastic keys, a handful of blocks and a finger puppet. tested it myself. went through all the little toys and books that we have for little c and made sure i could fit a variety of items that would keep a little one preoccupied during a car ride. oh and it would easily store multiple match box cars, small trains
and any small plastic super heros.} 

{it also makes a great reuseable gift bag...i had such a fun time making the tote that i'll be adding this one and some others to my shop and beehive booth next week.}
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