*christmas for little c*

{little c received some very special gifts this Christmas...like this sweet picture book from his/her aunt kristy (b's sister) and his/her cousins, jordan, kiyana and kyra. they made a picture book for little c to help him/her understand that they had family in other states besides georgia. it's adorable how they put it together.}

{pages were filled with information about their family, things they like to do as a family but each member had a page with a description and a couple pictures of themselves. it is so cute.  i love it! we can't wait to share this with little c!}

{we went to nashville for the new year and our friend, julie made us little c the most beautiful blanket..well she did give us the go ahead to use it for ourselves if we wanted to...}

{look at how thick this blanket is..it's sooo cozy. as much as we would love to snuggle up on the sofa with this lush blanket, we will be keeping it for little c to use. it's too special.}

{speaking of special...my aunt susie and uncle kevin got little c this adorable milk and cookie set. how wonderful is it that this set will be used for years to come (when little c is home). i can't wait to see our little one picking out santa's cookies and putting them on this special plate. smile.}

{do you remember this post? well in early december i picked up the sweet little snowman ornament on the left. b and i loved it so much, we went back to the beehive and picked up the santa and the gingerbread man. some day little c will be able to see the start of his or her Christmas ornaments.}
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