*thank you ms. mail-lady*

{my sweet mail-lady handed me a package on saturday and i almost shrieked when she handed it over. it was my door sweater that i ordered from cranny found favorites. my box had been addressed with the most stunning handwriting i've ever seen. i don't think my name has ever looked this beautiful. i want to cut this piece of cardboard off the box and frame it....is that nutty? i hope not because i plan to do it.}
{inside the beautiful box was my door sweater...ahh...my sunny yellow door sweater. trust me, it took me all but five minutes to take it out of it's box and hang it on my front door. hanging this stunning yellow wreath on my blue front door felt like i was telling mother nature...okay i'm ready for spring now...bring it! i took pictures of the pretty combo but because of the overcast and gloom..the pictures did not turn out sooooo hopefully i can snap a good one this week.}

{oh and this sweet card was attached to my door sweater. my two pups are both rescue dogs so i love this wreath even more knowing that it came from a home that rescued a pet. want to see the shop i got this from? click here. enjoy.}
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