*diy for Oliver*

{here is the post i promised...just a prewarning...it's a long one. let's not wait any longer shall we?? okay...so last week i showed you Oliver's new Christmas tree. i have to admit...it looked pretty sad with very minimal ornaments and ugh...no lights...BUT i had an idea or two on how to spruce the tree up a bit...let me show you what i did.}
{when b and i went shopping for Christmas gifts one weekend, we found the new Richard Scarry toys and if you know me or have been reading my blog for a while..you will know that i am a big fan of RS...so we HAD to get Oliver this popular duo...Lowly and Pig Will. when we unpacked Oliver's tree, a light went off in my head...this is what i did next.}
 {that's right...i turned them into ornaments...but i didn't stop there...}
{i had purchased a small bag of bitty dinos when i was shopping a couple months ago. i knew Oliver was too young to play with them but i was going to put them aside for when he got older...well i "borrowed" a couple from the bag. can you guess what i did?}
{that's right...i turned those into mini dino ornaments...}
{here is one of the dinos "in action"...}
{and here is Pig Will and Lowly.}
{i purchased a tiny strand of lights when i was out getting supplies. as a kid...you've got to have the multi-colored lights...cause white lights just don't cut it right? i didn't really have a tree topper for his tree so i made the stuffed santa ornament the topper. the tree is now lite and full of ornaments...all the way around the tree. here are some other ornaments hanging from his tree...}
{three stuffed ornaments we bought last year, wooden snowmen b and i bought about 9-10 years ago in St. Louis, bunnies and bears in Hanboks from Oliver's new friend Mary Lou (who brought him back a set of 8 for his tree!), and vintage tin ornaments b and i bought 4 years ago. so now that the tree is lite and full of ornaments..you would think i'm done right....wrong!}
{i've had a couple packets of felted balls for some time. so i'm currently making him garland from the felted balls also i've been eyeing some of the dinos that i made into ornaments...i'm thinking i might need to paint them some fun vibrant colors...to help give the branches a little pop of color.....i have a feeling this tree will be a fun never ending project.}
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