*best birthday yet*

a gift that needs a post of it's own...don't worry...it's coming. :)
{i started off the day..like really started the day...meaning i was still laying in bed when i received the best news...according to the MPAK blog, the ministry has decided to accept EP submissions starting next week!! that means that they are going to start letting all the waiting babies FINALLY come home to their families...and that includes my baby boy!!! all month the only thing i wanted was for the EP process to start and my wish (and many many prayers) were granted!! after celebrating the amazing news...we went into the dining room so that i could finally open my pile of cards and gifts. i don't know about you but i typically just open my cards and any packages as they come. i always thought they made my birthday drag out longer...but this year i decided not to do that. i have to say...i loved waking up to the thought of opening cards and gifts that friends and family members had sent to make my day special! i honestly think it made me feel for the first time in a long time that today was actually my birthday. it was such a great feeling! after being spoiled beyond belief, we got ready and went too get our fix at my favorite breakfast place. when we couldn't eat anymore..we took a stroll through our local antique store and then quickly decided to go see an afternoon movie...one that i had wanted to see earlier this month (turned out to be a great one!). when we got home after the movies...there was a sweet surprise waiting for me from my two sisters (and all their girls!). we ended the night with a some r&r on the sofa...and a little birthday "cake" celebration. what a perfect day!}

my loot!

my sweet niece V, sent me a card that she had colored! loved it! i told her mom that i was so happy to see that she made me taller considering she is only 11" shorter then me at age 7.

my other sweet niece, Shi made me an adorable homemade card and her mom told me that she picked out the robot paper too....Shi knows me too well.
my younger sister sent me this mini mustard purse...can not wait to use this...i'm thinking this summer is going to be about the mini bags rather then large hobos!
my incredibly talented friend, rachel sent me a super cute card and....

this drawing (that she created!) of Oliver (just days before his first birthday)! isn't it amazing? i can NOT wait to frame it! i'm thinking it's going to go in our living room for everyone to see!!

b spoiled me with new clothes...like this super cute striped top...and...
this lovely chevron dress...he also got me a new purse, new shoes, a robe, a cd, a book and so many more items.
he totally spoiled me this year!!

yup...that's my love.
a super yummy (and spicy) Mexican hot chocolate....

my sweet surprise from my sisters...and nieces.

the perfect ending...dessert from our local Korean bakery...
Thank you to everyone for making my birthday so special and making me feel so loved!! Xo!!
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