*12 months*

january 2011
{12 months ago, this was the first picture we saw of our son, Oliver. he was such a beautiful baby. for a month, b and i stared at his picture. we would talk about his tiny fingers, his long lashes, his little nose and those sweet little lips. that first month, i remember us wondering what he looked like awake. a month later, we got to see those sweet little eyes open. i remember seeing this picture below for the first time and getting tears in my eyes. he was adorable. i was at work that day and called b right away. i said "Oliver's finally awake". b opened the picture and we both gushed at how cute our little guy was. each month after that, we saw one (and on a rare occasion...two pictures) of our son. we saw him grow up through these pictures...from baby to toddler. from serious to smile. from wispy hair to buzz cut and back to wispy. from a baby to a one year old. there were times where we got to see him wearing an outfit we had sent or holding a toy we had picked out for him. that was the best feeling. it was like we had a connection to him. every picture we received was compared to the last to see how much he had grown and how different he looked. it would be 7 months until we saw his first smile and hear his adorable little voice.}
{this chapter in our life is quickly coming to a close and soon very soon...the wait will be over. no more monthly picture...no more well baby check ups..no more wondering when he will be home.
it's all like a dream...someone pinch me.}
may 2011
june 2011
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august 2011
august 2011 (Oliver's first birthday (Tol))
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mid november 2011
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