*one year ago*

{one year ago today...i was stocking my booth at the Beehive thinking i needed to grab my phone and take some photos. little did i know that i was missing phone call after phone call from our agency. i remember that day like it was yesterday. i remember seeing the missed phone calls and feeling really anxious to call our agency back. i had this fear that when i called no one would answer...like i only had a small window of time to get the most amazing news. my fingers were shaking when i tried to call them and they felt like butter. i couldn't get them to work. i was so frustrated at them. ha! i will never forget the feeling i had when i finally got the news....pure joy. the tears instantly streamed down my face and all i could think of was....finally...today is OUR day. that was the best feeling. after 21 months of waiting...we did not have to wait any longer for this news.}

{little did we know that we would have to wait over a year before our sweet bundle of joy would come home. tomorrow...the one year anniversary of the first time we saw Oliver's sweet face...i will share with you pictures from over the past 12 months of our little guy. it hasn't been easy seeing our son grow up through pictures. it's definitely been a roller coaster of emotions. through out the last 12 months, i've had my good moments and my bad moments. to say this has been the hardest thing we've ever gone through is an understatement....but we know soon...hopefully very soon...Oliver will be home and i wish i could show you here on my blog just how...very...excited...we...are!} 

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